Updated: May 11, 2020

It's very clear that the way many businesses conduct themselves after lockdown will need to change. Social distancing will play a major factor in the coming months/years. This is how I see driving lessons changing for the future to minimise the risks.


Instructors will need to clean their vehicles before each training session using recommended products on the market. HANDS

Instructors and students will need to make sure they have cleaned their hands before entering the vehicle using soap and water and following government guidelines. VENTILATION

It's important to have windows open when possible during lessons.


It will be suggested that students and instructors should wear masks during lessons. This could be homemade or a scarf and not necessarily a disposable one.


Whilst instructors do not make contact with their students unless totally necessary they will need to adjust their training accordingly to limit this further.


This term is used to suggest that another student sits in the back of the car whilst another drives them home. This practice and any other passengers in the car will need to be eliminated.


Students should be encouraged to make payments before lessons commence and using online payment methods.


Wearing the right type of clothing may mean not carrying the virus from other areas. Whilst evidence is limited on the type of clothes that are better, you should seek advice about what clothing to avoid.


Instructors will need to communicate closely with students to understand what risks they have placed themselves under between lessons. If they have come into contact with anyone showing signs of Covid - 19 they should cancel lessons and follow government guidelines.


Not shaking hands or other unnecessary contact will become the norm. High Fives will not be acceptable as a means of meeting or congratulating someone. TEMPERATURE

Like other businesses driving instructors and students may be required to check temperatures before entering the vehicle to commence a driving lesson.

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