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These are the most common questions I'm asked on a regular basis. Let me know if I've not covered yours and I can add this to another list. How many driving lessons will I need?

I'm often asked this question even before lessons start. The most recent statistics suggest that, on average it takes people 45 hours of driving lessons and 22 hours of practice with relatives or friends to learn to drive. Everyone learns at a different pace.

How much does it cost to learn to drive? I've actually covered this in another blog about the cost of learning to drive in Enfield. Follow this link to have a read.

Are you taking on new students? I'm always happy to take on new students looking to start their driver training. Driving lessons in Enfield can be booked online and I would be happy to hear from you.

How quickly can a book a driving test? There is generally a waiting list for driving tests. The pandemic of 2020/21 meant that many driving tests were suspended creating a long waiting list for tests. Its possible with management of bookings to find short notice driving tests. I don't expect the waiting list for tests to resume to some normality until late 2021. It's important that you prepare to pass 1st time.

Shall I drive Manual or Automatic?

Much of the answer to this question would depend on a few circumstances. If you pass your driving test in an automatic you will be restricted to an automatic. What vehicles you may use or have access to may depend on your choice. You need to consider how you learn. Whilst gears can be picked up easily, at the same time it can be a challenge for others. I would always suggest to someone give manual a chance for at least 10 hours and seek the advice of your driving instructor.

Should I take weekly or intensive driving lessons?

It's another good question and one that is not answered easily. I often find students choose intensive driving courses for the wrong reasons.

Students tend to fall into them if they have been struggling with learning to drive. We may want a driving licence but can we give it the time that's required to be a safe driver. By far the best way of learning any new subject would be little but often. You can only learn as quickly as you are able to take in the information, and then there is the question of whether you are any good at it by the end of the training.

What happens if I fail my practical driving test?

Not everyone passes 1st time. Dealing with failure of any kind can be a challenge. It's important to put what went wrong right and start over again with the support of your driving instructor.

Do you recommend using P Plates?

These can be used in place of the L-Plate once you pass your driving test. They are useful to make other road users aware that you may require more time in given situations than a more experienced driver.

Can I book another practical test just in case I fail?

This option is not available.

Do you recommend private practice? I encourage private practice and have an affiliate scheme with Marmalade Insurance. I can give you advice about training with friends or family.


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