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There are many benefits to starting your theory training early. But, recently there is a more important reason for doing so. There is a huge backlog of practical tests. Studies have suggested this backlog will last for anything from between 1-2 years. Why is passing the theory test early important? 1. It could save you money, as when learning a new skill you need to continue practicing, a delay in passing the theory test will mean more lessons. 2. Driving instructors cannot keep spaces open in their diary indefinitely. 3. It could be argued that having passed the theory test your instructor may be able to take your learning to another level. 4. You will feel less pressure on passing the test during your lessons, which may result in a fail. What is the main benefit as this particular time?

With the current wait for driving tests going beyond 24 weeks its important to pass your theory at the earliest opportunity. This will enable those instructors that use the Online Booking Service (OBS) to secure a driving test for you in advance. There are other features, which allow the instructor to search for multiply tests at 5 different centres, along with being able to swap tests between students. It also means they can manage their service to their customers much better. What happens at the moment? In a ideal world students would take theory training along with their practical driving lessons. However, this would mean the average student would need to be booking their theory test soon after their first driving lesson. Assuming they are taking 2 hours per week. Its also an ideal world where by a student studies for their theory along with lessons, as it pulls all the information together along with Hazard Perception which will improve in the vehicle. There is no reason why the theory cannot be started long before your first driving lesson. It can also be booked in advance.


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