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1. The Cost of Driving Lessons

Driving lessons are cheap! When you compare the cost of driving lessons against other costs of owning a vehicle that cost is relatively small in comparison. The cost of purchasing a vehicle will be different, but the average lifespan is suggested to be between 6-10 years based on a average mileage. How long you keep your vehicle will depend on when you bought it and how many annual miles to cover. Insurance can be a big cost for new drivers. Marmalade insurance says the average annual a policy for a new driver is £1196.32. You new have the added costs of fuel, tax, mot, and servicing not to mention the general up keep of your vehicle. This is a good reason to employ a driving instructor.

2. It's a lot less stressful This is not always going to be true but in many cases learning to drive with friends or family can be very stressful. Driving instructors have many qualities and one of those qualities in patience in abundance. They are more than happy to explain something many times and in different ways to help their clients achieve their goals.

3. Tuition Vehicles Driving instructors will use up to date vehicles that will meet the current standards for the driving test. Cars are evolving very quickly and the right choice of tuition vehicle can make all the difference when it comes to learning to drive. Having a large car maybe great for the family but not for a new beginner learning to drive.

4. Coaching and Tuition

There is a lot more to learning to drive than sitting next to someone and telling them what to do. Every lesson is structured to challenge the student within their limits. Repetition is useful but learning new skills gradually in a controlled environment and with dual-controls can help a student progress much quicker than lessons with Mum & Dads Driving School. An instructor can also challenge a students thoughts, looking at scenarios which may on the surface seem perfectly fine but given different circumstances may results in something more serious. Your instructor can also find the right ways of building confidence in the new driver beyond the driving test and not just following systems. Whilst we have a limited time frame with students, its important to challenge them without judging so they understand how they may perform when their instructor is not available. 5. Experience and Knowledge The process to becoming an Approved Driving Instructor is lengthy. Speaking from my own experience the Theory, Practical and Teaching ability tests took 2 years working around a part-time job. You are also getting their undivided attention. Instructors will work during the evenings and weekends running their business. They will book practical driving tests and give this information to their clients. They will stay up to date with any changes in the profession. They are available 24/7 with all your driving queries.


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