Feeling rusty? Lost your confidence in driving? Or did you pass your test some years ago?

Refresher driving lessons may be your answer!

Perhaps you just want someone to reassess your driving ability!

If this is you, or for any other reason, then perhaps refresher driving lessons are for you.

These sessions are fun and relaxing and aim to get you back on the road safely at your own pace.

Refresher driving lessons in Enfield are structured to the individual. Whilst I concentrate on safety, I would discuss with you what your aims are for each session.

I also have experience with drivers from other countries, those on European licences, nannies, au pairs and other work-related duties. 

Refresher driving courses offer you the opportunity to improve your driving standards, make you safer on the roads and build confidence in yourself.

My aim is to steadily build on your confidence and skills so you can once again become an independent driver, whether you want the freedom for local trips, or long-distance drives, I'm here to help you!

Lessons are generally 90 minutes in duration which focus on safety, anticipation/planning, and a smooth progressive drive.

If you would like to speak personally about any subject, then please contact me.


Target Tuition are pleased to offer access to Confident Drivers.


Started by leading driving instructors and professionals this resource helps you gain the confidence needed to stay calm behind the wheel. 

Driving is not purely about skill, but what we think and feel even before we step inside the vehicle.

There are a bundle of techniques in this package all adapted to help specifically with your driving.


You do not have to try them all – choose the one that you are most drawn to that matches your specific need and ignore the ones that do not appeal. 


These mindfulness practices and resources can apply apply to everyday life, not just to driving. 

The great part is Target Tuition covers the cost of this package so you receive the benefits for free. 

We can discuss this on your first session, all I need is your email address and I can sign you up to the program.

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