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Updated: Sep 3, 2020

As a casual social media poster I've seen the anguish over the last few months with students trying to book their driving tests.

A little history

After Lockdown there were some 200,000+ driving tests that were previously booked and as such were placed on HOLD. These candidates were gradually invited via a special link to book their driving test before the main booking system opened. This seemed fair as many had been waiting for a test since March. Friday 21st March 2020 You could call this CYBER FRIDAY. There were reported to be around over 850,000 devices (phone/tablet/computer/pc/mac) trying to access the system in the first day the driving test bookings came online. I'd suggest that any website would struggle with that sort of demand. The DVSA made the decision to close the system down. Rolling 6 week

Test slots are now being rolled out every week with the option of booking 6 weeks in advance. This is to keep control of forward bookings if Government Covid restrictions are implemented in the future. It means on average each week around 36,000 tests are available across the country. Instructor Online Booking System As your instructor I have access to a trainer booking system. This allows me to book your test without the waiting times online. It's all part of the service and I make no direct charge for this to my current students. The other great news is, driving lessons are available.

7th September 2020

This is the next scheduled date for when tests will be available 6 weeks in advance.

14th September 2020

From 14 September tests can be booked to 18 weeks ahead. This will allow over 375,000 more tests to be booked for dates between 14 September and the end of January 2021. Moving to 6 tests a day

As well as increasing available tests to 18 weeks ahead we plan to move from 5 to 6 car tests a day.

Driving examiners are now familiar with using PPE such as face coverings and gloves and using the latest guidance for carrying out tests. This means there is more capacity to safely increase the test programmes to 5 to 6 tests per a day.

This will increase the number of tests you and your pupils can book by more than 7,000 extra tests every week.


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