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About driving instructor grades

Approved driving instructors (ADIs) are regularly assessed on their instructional ability. During a normal lesson with a pupil, they’re assessed on how well they:

  • planned the lesson

  • manage risk to their pupil and other road users

  • use the best ways to help their pupil learn

Grade descriptions

Your instructor will have a grade from either the current grading system, or an older system. Any instructor with a grade from the old system will get a new grade the next time they’re assessed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

The current grading system has these levels.

Grade A 43 to 51 The instructor has shown a high standard of instruction

Grade B 31 to 42 The instructor has shown a satisfactory standard of instruction

Fail 0 to 30 The instructor’s performance is unsatisfactory

Finding your instructor’s grade

You can ask your instructor what their grade is.

Some instructors also publish their grade on the service to find driving schools, lessons and instructors, or on their own website.

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