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The DVSA are still running campaigns to recruit driving examiners. I'm often asked would I apply? The simple answers is yes - I have. The issue was I was not accepted. The process of application is very hard from what I remember, but that does not mean it's beyond people's ability. The job is very rewarding and with high rates of pay its hard to find something not to like. If you are interested here are the details: Driving Examiner recruitment campaign

We are continuing our driving examiner recruitment campaign to recruit additional examiners in local test centres across the UK to help meet the current demand for driving tests.

We would appreciate it if you could share these vacancies through your network as we’re looking for an additional 134 driving examiners around the UK.

The need for more examiners

To date, we have managed to recruit more than 300 additional examiners, however we still have many roles to fill across England, Scotland, and Wales. Our roles can offer part-time flexible working hours, including evening and weekend working opportunities. New entrants are coming in on flexible working patterns where they work 5 in 7 days. We currently have roles in the following regions:

  • 41 in London and south-east England

  • 40 in East England, south-west England, and east midlands

  • 30 in Scotland, north-east, Yorkshire, and Humber

  • 23 in Wales, north-west England, west midlands

Attracting a broader range of recruits

We are keen to attract driving examiners from a wide range of backgrounds representative of our society.

How to apply

Full details about the examiner vacancies and how to apply are on Civil Service Jobs. The deadline for applications is 10 October 20222.

We are also holding several driving test centre open days, and online sessions for potential candidates. You can find more information on the Department for Transport careers page.


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