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This is what you need to know about the trials the DVSA have regarding a modern flexible efficient driving test service. These studies have happened in the past. I'm not sure what is different this time and the previous attempts didn't work. Whilst I feel there is scope for changes and I would welcome this in todays modern way of working its difficult where you need a customer base to come to you. Perhaps the future is to have the examiners visit the client albeit on a number of different set locations. I'm just thinking out loud as they say. Extra sites added to trials

We wrote to you in December 2022 to update you on the work we are doing to create a modern, flexible and efficient driving test service that is less dependent upon fixed estate and takes advantage of the investment and development of new technology.

To test the proof on concept we are running trials at a number of driving test centres in early 2023, initially at Doncaster and Birmingham (Kings Heath).

We are now extending the trial to include additional sites which are:

  • Dumfries driving test centre

  • Mill Hill driving test centre

During the trial 50% of the tests at the centres taking part in the trial will be done from an alternative site close to the existing driving test centre such as community buildings or sports and retail centres.

We will contact your pupils if their tests will be moved to take place from one of the alternative sites. If you made the booking for your pupil and you receive the email you must let them know.


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