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Vehicles checks are an important part of driving and for the our own safety and that of others its important to make those checks at least once a week. Many checks should also be done on a daily basis.

Being able to do FLOWER.

F is for FUEL

Its an essential part of driving. Statistics suggest that in 2014 more than 800.000 drivers ran out of fuel.

Having the correct fuel and enough to complete your journey is essential. I always plan to fill up the day before a longer journey, and as a general rule try not to run on warning signals.

L is for LIGHTS

You may need someone to help or look for reflections. O is for OIL

A great one to check each time you fill up with fuel. Make sure the oil is within the minimum and maximum levels. Don't stop at the oil, make sure you check all the fluids under the bonnet. W is for WATER

Check your washer fluids level and when you are under the bonnet don't forget to also check the of fluids levels. Brake Fluid and Engine Coolant levels.

E is for ELECTRICS Initially start with checking your battery mounting. Most modern batteries and self maintaining and do not need any effort. Its important to make sure all the lights and instruments are working correctly.

R is for RUBBER Thread should be 1.6mm around the whole tyre and the area that is making contact with the road. Check the general condition of the tyre and the tyre pressure. Don't rely on tyre pressure warning lights. This is a simple yet effective way of remembering to make regular safety checks on your vehicle. Also remember. FLOWERY. Y is for YOU.....Check that you are fit to drive and are not on any medication that may affect your driving ability and you are in good health.


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