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You can't help thinking as a driving instructor - What am I doing wrong?

We started back to work last April 2021 when for the public were ready to move on from covid, put the previous year behind us and accept that perhaps generally we over reacted. Some 14 months later we are still faced with a 6 month wait for tests. I'm struggling to find any positive from preparing someone for a process that you don't have an end date.

The process of learning to drive is like a boiling kettle just before saturation point. Students need to be ready for a day they just don't know when it will arrive. This is putting huge pressure on Instructors to perform, students are met with waiting a further 6months for another driving test if they fail and that's before you even discuss the added financial problems we are all facing at the moment. In yet another email sent to Driving Instructors we are given more details of how the DVSA are cracking down on the system to book driving tests.

My previous blog has highlighted some of these changes.

Surely its time that instructors were actually given something for all the hard work.

One way of doing this would be to implement a Trainer Booking Service where by the Instructor is given a date/time per week they can attend the test centre with a client for test. The details of the test can be added in advance. This would allow for greater flexibility and managing driving tests and our diaries. It would also mean that candidates would become less stressed knowing that a test could be found. Instructors would be able to set the student who is ready for the test to fit the date/time. Much more needs to be done to reduce the waiting list.


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