What is a Mock Driving Test

A mock driving test is a practice run of the real driving test, often conducted by your Approved Driving Instructor. Your instructor will conduct the test in the same manner of the real driving test and follow the same format. In most cases they will conduct the test in the same area as your driving test. Why take a Mock Driving Test

There can often be a lot of mystery surrounding a driving test, when in fact you have been preparing beyond this standard during your driving lessons. It can help students to understand more about their thoughts and feelings leading up to their big day. It can help settle some nerves and in some cases may be used as a tool to see your standard of test readiness. There are advantages and disadvantages of taking a mock driving test and your driving instructor will discuss this with you. Sometimes the result may not be what you are expecting and leading upto a driving test this may not be the news you were hoping for. At the same time it can also give you an added boost and motivation to work on the aspect you need to do well.

When is the best time to take a Mock Driving Test

I normally recommend that students who wish to take a mock driving test do so around 4 weeks before their practical driving test. This gives the student and instructor time to prepare and if needed complete another mock test before their practical driving test. Being in a position to pass a mock test is important. If you take the test too early it will have a negative effect on your training and will be wasted in terms of your progress.

Are there different ways of conducting a Mock Driving Test

Yes is the simple answer. There are different ways of conducting a Mock Driving Test. As I've mentioned in previous blogs, each student has a different learning style. A good instructor will know what will probably work best for a student, but it's always a good idea to make suggestions. Here are some ideas I have about different ways in which to conduct a mock driving test.

  1. A short mock test to begin with. Perhaps 15/20 minutes.

  2. You could mock test your instructor.

  3. How about a chatty mock test.

  4. A positive mock test. Not mentioning faults.

I'm sure you can think of more ideas which will help your progress and achieve your goals.

Do I need to take a Mock Driving Test

It's not essential and is just one tool in the process of learning to drive. For many students they gain more from their training than they would taking a mock driving test.

What happens if I fail my Mock Test Your instructor will provide a full debrief. This will outline the details of the mock driving test. You should have plenty of time to work on any weaknesses before your practical driving test.

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