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Updated: May 1, 2020

During our daily lives we accept many forms of assessment and regulation. But what regulations do we place on our own driving ability?

Are we just waiting for that accident that tells us something is wrong?

Do we really want to leave things this late! It's easy to become complacent! I know myself after teaching I find myself picking up my students habits. Is it possible we copy the habits of other drivers - They don't always need to be the bad ones! When we mention Refresher Driving Lessons we often think about building confidence, or practicing parking. These sessions are much more than this as they cover anyone with a full drivers licence who wants to gain more experience and make themselves a safer driver. Many of the clients I take out have taken long breaks between driving, everyone has different reasons for starting refresher driving lessons, but the aims are generally the same. To improve and become safer! I recently started a student with a unique condition called Agoraphobia and we work together to build their confidence on the roads. I have young clients and older clients and the number of sessions each person takes varies, it really depends how much each person wants to achieve. In some cases I can provide training in your own vehicle. This would need to be arranged in advance. To start one of these excellent training sessions which I provide Monday-Saturday then please get in contact or book online. I also provide access to Confident Drivers which is totally free. Just drop me an email.


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