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When you book tests via the GOV.UK online booking service you have the option to put your booking on hold if there are no suitable available tests. The on hold option should only be used for booking tests:

  • at a remote site

  • where candidates need an extended test

  • for an ADI part 2, ADI part 3 or ADI standards check

  • where additional support is needed for reasons such as if you have a disability, health condition, are pregnant or have a learning difficulty

If tests are placed on hold for any other reason, the application will be cancelled, and the test fee refunded.

Choosing a test appointment

A large number of car test bookings are currently on hold in the DVSA system which do not fall into the options above. These tests have been put on hold by the person who booked the test, and the DVSA are now asking them to choose a test appointment.

You will be contacted with a booking on hold to let you know that you need to choose a test date by the end of Tuesday 31 August 2021.

The DVSA are continuing to add new test slots, so if you cannot find a test initially, please keep looking regularly.

It is important that you talk to your instructor ahead of choosing a test date so you both discuss if you meet the required standard ready for your driving test.

If you do not choose a test slot by the end of Tuesday 31 August 2021, your on hold test will be cancelled and a refund issued.

Cancelling tests

If you no longer wants a car practical test you can cancel your driving test online. Refunds are issued within 15 working days of cancellation.

Updating the system

The online booking system is being updated to make it clearer how the on hold button should be used during the booking process. Information from the DVSA.


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