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Frequently I receive a number of customers contacting me with short notice driving tests. The waiting list for driving tests is well over 5months. I would like to give people an insight into the reasons why I cannot always take on clients with a test booked. Driving Lesson Bookings

My aim is to give my clients a regular lesson at the same time each week without fail. This consistency allows for them to prepare for their driving tests knowing they have a fixed schedule. Together we book and plan a driving test around these lessons. With my experience I can arrange this for my clients so they are fully prepared. Often I may build a bridge into the training to allow for holidays, sickness and other such delays. Its important that clients prepare for a 1st time pass as the wait can be costly.

Booking Driving Tests

There is little available. A driving test can actually cancel out up to 3 lessons. A driving test at for example 10:34am means a collect for the client around 9:30am. The test lasts around 40 minutes so I would expect the test to be completed around 11:30am. I then need to take the client home and debrief which ever the result. My next client may not start until around 12:30pm if available. You can see how this may result in at least 2 sessions being cancelled to arrange a driving test. Often I book the test on the day the customer normally takes their lesson to limit this problem.

Covering the syllabus Whilst I accept that some drivers will be ready to take their test from experience in the past. In general it requires a minimum of at least 10 hours training to cover the syllabus. This gives us a chance to look at every aspect of your driving and make sure you have the best chance of passing. With a short notice test this only puts pressure on you and your instructor. What should you do?

Actually the best advice is not to book a driving test. This is only adding to the waiting list. You need to find a driving instructor first then look to book a driving test later. This way the available times for lessons can be catered for and worked around both schedules. Its possible the instructor may even be able to swap a date with another client.

What am I doing? I'm currently in the process of re-structuring my business and lessons. I hope to be able to add more lessons and tests for clients in the future. Since the pandemic the way we work has changed and I looking at ways to work around the long wait we have for driving tests. This means making sure clients focus on their theory studies early in their training so a practical test can be booked. Opening up more times for lessons and being more flexible.


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