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The DVSA are tackling the increase in wasted driving tests by using social media and other means to address the problem. It has been their Instagram page increase by over 10,000 subscribers in less than 2 days.

This works along side other measures where students are sent a text message before their test. Here is the message they are putting across:

Why more tests are being wasted

The number of car driving tests being wasted due to learner drivers not turning up has more than doubled compared to before the pandemic – this means that every day 1 in 21 learner drivers do not turn up for their driving test.

DVSA research found that 25% of those who did not turn up used a third-party app to book their test. The second biggest reason for not showing up to a test was that a driving instructor was unavailable (13%) and 11% said they forgot the date or time of their booking.

Sharing the 10 top tips with your pupils

The list of tips for you to share with your pupils have been created to help tackle the top three reasons test are wasted.

  1. Make sure you or your driving instructor includes your mobile number in your booking, as you will get free reminder texts

  2. Check your instructor is available before booking your test

  3. Bring your provisional driving licence, we cannot tell who you are or what provisional entitlement you have without it.

  4. Arrive on time, examiners have a tight schedule, you will miss your test if you are late

  5. Book only through your instructor, or the official online booking service

  6. Don’t book through third-parties such as an app or an online seller, there is a risk you will not receive important information such as changes to your test

  7. Make sure you have an instructor or have access to a car well in advance of your test date, without a car, a driving test cannot go ahead

  8. If you take your own car check on GOV.UK it can be used on a driving test and make sure you bring an additional mirror and ‘L’ plates

  9. Make sure the car is taxed, MOT’d and insured, if the car is not, your test won’t go ahead

  10. If you or your instructor thinks you’re not ready to take your test, you should rearrange it and allow someone else to use it. You can change your test date on GOV.UK.

We are re-launching our Instagram account to share these top tips you’re your candidates, so encourage them to follow the account at

Do you think this will make a difference. Why are so many tests wasted when the cost is £62.00 and can be easily cancelled online?


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