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Whether we think it or not the moment a student steps in the vehicle an internal clock starts to tick. I'm referring to the Driving Test Clock! I've sat next to students who one day say. ' Keith, I'm not worried how long it takes I want to be safe on the roads ' Then a few weeks later turn around and say. ' Keith, I start a new job soon I need to pass by date! ' or any number of reasons the circumstance change.

The problem is now the training becomes test focused rather than safety focused. Or safe driving for life focused. The goal posts are moved. Its rather like someone joining the gym to get healthy as they have a wedding planned 12 months away. The wedding gets brought forwards, so they start to do more training sessions. The training is too much to take in and their body suffers. They also start heavily dieting rather than taking the long term approach. The end result is the body has not had time to adapt. The learning has not had time to sink in and the chances are the results will not be long term. If only we could get away from this test focused training. Focus more on the safety and development of the individual so they understand all aspects of driving in different road and traffic conditions.


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