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Updated: Sep 12, 2020

How much will it cost you to gain your driving licence?

It starts will the application for a driving licence. The current cost (April 2020) is set at £34.00.

The good news is this is a lifetime's fee, so if you change address, add categories their is no charge.

However, if you lose your licence and require a replacement the cost is £20.00. There are cost to update your photo every 10 years which is currently between £14.00-£17.00. Driving Lesson Fees!

On average it takes people 45 hours of driving lessons and 22 hours of practice with relatives or friends to learn to drive. Source - Safe Driving for Life Blog dated February 2017.

The cost of driving lessons will vary across the UK so I took a small sample for the purpose of this blog.

Prices are based on the standard lesson rate April 2020, London. A national driving school £ 28.50

An established independent £35.00

A large national school £27.50

A national intensive school £28.00

Target Tuition driving school £30.00

A well established independent £32.50

This small sample of driving school prices in London shows an average average price of £ 30.25. Its likely the overall national average is closer to £27.00.

With the sample based lessons of £30.25 per hour multiplied by 45 hours.

The overall average cost of driving lessons is £ 1361.25.

Private Practice

Not everyone has access to another vehicle. This requires time and patience from the accompanying driver, something that instructors have trained for over many years. If students wish to take on private practice the cost of learner driver insurance varies. The length of the policy will also need to be factored into the costs of learning, along with fuel and other vehicle costs.

Assuming a learner driver takes out a policy for 6 months and during this period takes 22 hours of private practice the overall cost per session is £ 21.15. Source - Marmalade Insurance. If you would like to consider a package from Marmalade insurance there are more details here. Theory Test

Currently the cost of the official theory test is £23.00. Learning materials vary but for example a theory test app would cost £4.99. Some schools offer services included in their lesson fees.

Practical Driving Test The daytime practical test fee is £62.00. The cost of hiring an instructor's car would equate to 2 hours standard lesson rate £ 60.00.

Summary of Costs:

Driving Licence £34.00

Driving Lessons £1361.25

Private Practice £465.00 (included as if not used this may increase the overall lessons needed)

Theory Test £23.00

Materials £4.99

Practical Test £62.00

Car Hire £60.00

Total £ 2010.24

Whilst the cost of learning to drive may seem high, information taken from Marmalade Insurance suggests the average black box premium was £1196.32 from 1st October 2019 – 31st December 2019. The cost of running a car is much higher. Instructors may offer discounts for block bookings.


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