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The DVSA are trying to find out why people don't turn up for their driving tests. The information published suggests that between April 2021 to March 2022, 66,178 learner drivers did not turn up for their driving test. In March 2022 alone 8,189 appointments were lost because people did not turn up on the day which could have been used by other people. The question is why?

If the DVSA are going to meet their target of a 9 week wait by December 2022 then we need answers. The DVSA will be carrying out mini surveys - you may receive an invitation if you have cancelled or changed your driving test. They will also be sending out text messages to candidates with tests booked to remind them about the driving test and help reduce the lost tests. There are still 500,000 waiting to take a driving test. When you consider those who cannot book in advance this figure is far greater. Until now driving instructors have managed their students well and booked additional lessons when needed. So what have the DVSA been doing?

Standard practice really. Additional examiners. Buying back holidays. Getting some examiners to come out of retirement. Overtime. What needs to happen?

We need some radical thinking. Long term measure and some short term fixes. There also needs to be measures put in place to stop people bulk buying driving tests. This practice is employed by the larger schools who have the resources to book multiply tests. I doubt very much the missed tests are from those that have driving instructors managing their bookings. The loopholes need to be blocked within the system.


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