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There appears to be some confusing information being published in the press and online. Sadly sometimes from other driving driving instructors. I felt I would write to let people know what I know from the inside so to speak. Recently the DVSA sent all driving instructors a letter and I believe this is where the confusion is coming from. As it contradicts the advice coming directly from the government. The DVSA are not the government, they are a department within the government. There are claims that providing driving instruction is illegal. Whilst I suggest that anyone should seek legal advice regarding this there are no grounds to suggest that providing driving lessons would be illegal.

Under current covid guidelines if you share a vehicle with someone outside your household the journey should be essential. We should all be doing our part to stop the spread of the virus.

Driving Tests:

Other than emergency training and tests for critical workers, driving tests have not yet been able to restart because the risk of transmission of the virus in vehicles is higher. Driving instructors are advised to limit training to critical workers as the risks are greater.

Driving Lessons:

Within the driver training profession many schools and instructors are looking towards beginning lessons on 4th July 2020. This is the date that other non essential businesses are due to open. The DVSA have not categorically said that driving lessons should not be conducted but the advice is to stop the spread of the virus we should not be teaching. Can I book a driving test?

Currently the booking system is still inactive. The DVSA are cancelling all driving tests for June/July and will invite those with tests booked onto an early booking system. The DVSA are working through and program with their Unions to make the driving test centres and examiners Covid Safe. Can I book with Target Tuition? My booking system is available to book driving lessons online.

As always any decision to return to normal driving lessons will be based on safety first.


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