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Its hard to believe there is still an issue as some areas of the country have no waiting list for driving tests. In fact one area I checked I found tests available for July/August 2023 and these were available for sometime before they were taken. My impression is these areas are actually busy for driving lessons with many instructors outside of the big cities claiming they have waiting lists. This may not be the same for inner city areas were driving lessons are getting back to normal. So what is the problem? Everyone has a theory but one of the biggest problems is people selling driving tests at inflated prices. The One Show of 21st June 2023 looks into part of the problem.

The One Show investigates UK Intensive Driving Schools. and My Intensive Driving Courses.

Sadly and it pains me to say this. The problem is Driving Instructors.

They have the resources and the contacts to book additional driving tests and hold these dates. They are setting up Whatsapp groups and using social media to book additional driving tests. I know of at least one driving instructor selling tests around the country. They charge close to £100 for each test. Its possible they could be holiday onto multiply tests which would net £1000's with little effort. This is just morally wrong. The irony is they are actually an ex driving examiner. Its shocking that peoples lives are being ruined because people want to make a fast buck. I wonder if they were the same people bulk buying toilet rolls during the pandemic. Its such a difficult time for driving instructors and students. Hopefully the problem will ease as things appear to be getting back to some normality. Much is now down to the DVSA and whether they are willing to get the jobs done and decisions made.


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