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These are actually the pain of my life, and should be yours also. We have all seen the videos online where someone checks around the vehicle and then looks under the car I've even seen a video of someone checking on the roof as a joke. Designed as a skit, the problem is people actually do this and they also take it seriously.

Let me explain what it actually is if you have not seen it. When you prepare the vehicle to move away you then proceed by checking your left blind spot (1) (often people start on the right). You turn your head to check the left mirror (2) then ahead (3) and internal mirror (4), then the right mirror (5) and right blind spot (6). You finally move off. This process gets repeated every time the situation changes.

In driver training as the video says we don't want to produce robots. Robots are great for doing the same task over and over again, but in driving we need to be able to think and assess. These observations are one of the first things instructors teach and its here that the learning to drive process takes a turn - Yes, on your very first lesson you are heading for a downward spiral!

The problem is from this point onwards you are expecting your instructor to give you all the information you need to move away, park the car, press the brake pedal at the right time every aspect. This is a really good video which is worth mentioning, yet this type of instructor will possibly not get the followers he deserves. In driver training you need to proceed a thinking driver. One that can adapt to changing situations. If a student is taught to think for themselves initially it can take time, but later they will progress tenfold. They will understand their strengths and weaknesses. As trainers we would love to be with clients for 100+ hours as that is what it really takes to learn to drive. But the reality is many want to pass the test quickly and sadly learn afterwards. That's why the crash rate is so high in young drivers. If we can produce self evaluating drivers then the process of learning after the test becomes a lot safe. Robots will do a task for a while but they can break down if they don't have all the programs. Over time they need updating.


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