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What are Driving Experiences?

Driving Experiences with Target Tuition have come together to give everyone the opportunity of driving with one of the most experienced trainers in the area. These sessions focus on key areas of your driving and stages in your training that allow you to achieve your goals. You do not need to be taking lessons with Target Tuition to be able to take these course.

Why should I take a Driving Experience? Driving Experiences are a chance to add progress to your driving. They are a great opportunity to see what can be achieved by having your training focused on a specific area of your development. You may just be looking for that extra training leading up to a driving test or post test training where your current driving school/instructor cannot provide the lessons. These courses could easily fill in a gap when your existing instructor may not be available. Who should take a Driving Experience? Whilst these course are available to any driver, they are specifically aimed at learner drivers. Why would I not just take weekly lessons?

Of course you could take weekly lessons, and I would not suggest you replace your regular training to fit in a Driving Experience session. Driver training has changed over recent years. The testing process has become harder and driving tests are equally just as hard to book online. It may mean that your current driving school/instructor cannot fit a session in at short notice, or you just want to take some more training before to boost your current position. What Experiences are available?

Roundabouts: This session focuses on an area of training that many people struggle with.

Reversing: Together we will cover every aspect of reversing and not just focus on what is required to pass a driving test.

Pre Test: This session will build you up for the big day both mentally and physically.

Post Test: Together we will look at why you possibly failed your driving test and make sure you have the skills and knowledge to be successful on your next attempt.

Private Practice: This course is designed for Full Licence Holders who are providing private practice to family or friends. The session is split into 2 sections. First I will assess your driving to bring you up to current standards, then we will look at how you approach a session and providing some coaching tips. This is great value if you plan to take family out. When can I do the training and how long are they? They are subject to availability and areas covered. The sessions are normally split into 3 times zones. Whilst the start time may be agreed it would normally be AM (approx 8:30am) PM (approx 2pm) Evening (approx 5pm). In some cases we may offer Saturday mornings. Each session lasts 3 hours. Unlike weekly lessons you may not have enough time to thoroughly cover a particular area. Having extra time allows for you to gain the most from each session. What standard of driving should I be at in order to book a course?

To gain the most from each session your driving should meet the required standard for what you are trying to achieve.

How should I book a Driving Experience? Driving Experiences are by request only and should be made in writing. If you can provide some detail about your experience, dates/times you would like to start the course and I will be in touch with you. In most cases I will try to provide at least 2 options you can book at different times.

These courses are a great opportunity to take training with one of the most experienced instructors in the local area. They will focus your training on key areas, to help you achieve your goal!


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