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In driving there are always preferred methods of completely a task. We are not here to teach robots how to drive, and everyone is unique. Its my job as a coach to help students understand the consequences of their actions. I very often do not like using the words - Never do that! When moving away there are two set ways of achieving this (moving off downhill set aside for the moment). I will look at both and consider the pro's and con's for each. Gas before Clutch Using gentle pressure on the gas you (no more than (2)000 revs you then begin to lift the clutch slowly as the car begins to move you increase the pressure on the gas until the clutch has been lighted all the way. Pro's It allows someone who cannot control the movement of the clutch to move away steadily.

It places less strain on the clutch itself.

It allows for a speedy exit at junctions.

Shows appreciation to the workings of the vehicle. Con's (these are often the opposite of the pro's) Can be harder to find the balance using both feet simultaneously. There is a tendency to over rev the engine. It's possible to snatch at the clutch. Clutch before Gas

Lift the clutch slowly until you feel the car begin to move, at this point cap the clutch (hold it steady) and begin to add gentle pressure on the accelerator. Then begin to lift the clutch further as you add more gas.


Can be easier to manage by separating the tasks. Allows students to feel each control separately.

May not stall as frequently.


The take up is much slower. You may struggle with older cars that are less forgiving when moving away. Cannot accelerate until the clutch has began to engage the drive. Places more strain on the clutch overtime. Requires additional timing when moving away, that speed cannot hide. Gas before clutch is by far the preferred method. Finding what works best for you is what's important but also understanding why you are doing things a certain way, and then knowing that when you switch vehicles a different approach may be required. There are occasions when I move the vehicle on the clutch only. As you grow in experience the process will become much easier. You will be able to use the pedals at the same time and begin to feel the amount of pressure each foot needs to achieve its goal.


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