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Summer is my second favourite season next to spring. We can express ourselves pull the shorts out the cupboards and plan holidays. In some cases that also means changing what we wear on our feet. Is it illegal to wear Flip Flops whilst driving? Firstly let's look at what the highway code tells us:

You should ensure clothing & footwear do not prevent you using the controls in the correct manner.

You MUST NOT drive dangerously or without due care and attention. The wearing of Flip Flops is not illegal in itself, but as drivers we need to measure risk. It's possible someone could have more control wearing flip flops than another person wearing high heel shoes or large boots for example. What are the best types of shoes to wear? I often advise my students to wear what they are use to wearing day to day. It's important that the foot can make unrestricted movement on the pedals. Wide soles or stiff ankles may not provide this. You want a shoe that does not get caught on carpets but equally does not slide off the pedals. Having a pair of driving shoes in your car may become the new norm. Something you can wear in the summer and winter. I especially like a Moccasin type shoe as these can be worn with socks or without and are available for both men and women.


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