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Updated: Aug 19, 2020

update 19th August 2020.

Due to lack of client support I have taken the decision to remove this product from my service.

This new and innovative online training program offers students the chance to recap their lessons at the click of a button. Literally take your training anywhere! What’s more. This program is free to all Target Tuition students. When you start your training you will be sent details of how to sign up.

The program with its high resolution animations and voice over guides you through the whole process from being a complete beginner to complex junctions and manoeuvres.

Everything that will help you understand how to pass your driving test! Use it before your lessons, use it on your lessons, and use it after your lesson.

Target Tuition I will cover the costs of the program via a simple sign up system.

You could save money by learning quicker, what have you got to lose?

Available in the Google Play and App Store, this is the perfect companion to your driver training.

Watch your driving improve as you work through these training videos in your own time, along with integration in to your driving lessons with Target Tuition. I hope you enjoy this product and find it helps with your training. If you have not received your invitation then please follow this link.


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