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Charging a candidate more for the driving test day has to be the biggest complaint I read online. I do feel its partly down to the clients to ask the right questions, but unless you know the pitfalls its hard to know what questions to ask. I remember travelling once and had never used a certain airline. I was use to baggage being included, I mean I'm going on holiday why would I not travel with any luggage that seems silly - Right? We got caught out at the airport. The lady at the check in said " We are a low cost airline you will need to pay for baggage! ". At the time I didn't even know what low cost meant. A costly lesson! Surely the same thought process would work for driving lessons. Why if you are paying for example £40 per hour for a driving lesson, it would then cost double this just to sit a driving test? In defense of my colleagues driving tests come up at the most awkward times. I've just taken a selection from a test centre. 8:10 - 9:07 - 10-14 - 11:11 - 13:35 - 14.32 - 15.29 Those times are not designed to help a driving instructors diary. Thats not the customers fault though. Instructors are paid for their time and skill set. On a test day the job is done, clients are merely driving to the test centre. Taking the test for 40 minutes then you make your way back together. Its generally no more than 3 hours door 2 door. I've looked at some comments on a local facebook group and this is what has been said regarding charging extra for the test day: It's your means of work should anything happen to it your off the road with no income. They are taking your car on their own for 40 minutes anything could happen to even the most competent drivers.

Hardly suggesting they are confident of their students driving on test day!

I charge a car hire rate. This includes one hour before the test/car hire and insurance. This school is charging students £90 for what is 2 hours service. That means they are covering 3 hours. instructors don't need to take out a separate insurance for the test, its covered in your initial premium. These prices are displayed on their website.

I'm different to the rest then. I charge £60 for the 2 hour time taken. This includes the time taken prior to test to ensure everything is spotless. My normal 2 hour cost is £50, so its only an extra £10, for car wash. This is probably the best one I've read. £10 extra for the car wash. Surely thats just part of the working day.

I think it's fine to charge a FEW pounds more.

As every car I've had has clipped a wing mirror. Grazed a kerb on test. Therefore car is under more risk. Yes the examiner takes action but will leave it later to see if pupil sorts it. I should add that the majority of instructors are very honest. The majority of instructors do not inflate prices for the test day. When questioned they will become very defensive. Its seen that they can charge what they want as they are self-employed. Having a full-diary justifies the charges as people are willing to pay it - That does not mean they are happy with it!

What does the Code of Conduct for Instructors say?

on or before the first lesson make clients aware of both this code of practice and their terms of business which should include:

  • the current price and duration of lessons

  • the current price and conditions for use of a driving school car for the practical driving test

I should stress this is a voluntary code of conduct and not all instructors have signed up to the agreement. But, in my opinion it should be the very least you would expect after all going back to my experience with a well-known airline it has always left a bitter taste in my mouth.

What are the main reason? It would seem as self-employed instructors they feel they can charge what they like. This if fair but only if the student is made aware from the start. Reading online the reasons vary. Insurance Because I can its my business

The car may get damaged

Cleaning the vehicle

De-briefing after the test

What should you do!

You should ask the instructor to explain all their charges before starting lessons. You should ask for written confirmation if needed. If you are being charged more then ask your instructor to explain their charges. There are close to 40,000 instructors and most work hard and offer and great service. You are already paying for the driving examiners time and the instructors time on the day. Being charged more for the test is morally wrong in my opinion.


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