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Updated: May 1, 2020

With many businesses putting plans in place after lockdown the question from driving instructors currently is - Will we be required to wear masks during driving lessons? Current social distancing regulations means its impossible to avoid close contact with our students, and we certainly cannot provide 15 minute driving lessons.

The government's current stance is there is no scientific evidence that wearing of masks will make a difference in the spread of CV-19. If wearing of a mask becomes socially acceptable then outside pressure may mean it becomes the norm.

Much the way we saw changes in people washing their hands. Soap disappeared off the shelves, as thou it was the latest craze. Sadiq Khan is strongly in favour of people wearing masks. It may be a requirement for those using public transport to wear a mask. Availability is also an issue. Locally I've seen masks (non surgical) being sold for just over £1.00. An instructor typically teaching around 20-25 students a week, not accounting for mask damage and their own frequent changes could find themselves with a £100 bill each month for disposable masks. Reusable masks may be an option if clients are willing to bring their own to a lesson. Evidence is clear the driving training and other professions have a rocky road ahead. Washing your hands, keeping your distance where possible and not touching your face seems to currently be the best advice available and a mask is not designed to replace these recommendations. I've written a more detailed blog about how I see driving training and testing changing in the future. You can read that here.


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