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What will happen on my first driving lesson? The answer to this question actually begins with you. As a driving instructor I'm constantly trying to get students to take ownership for their learning. Afterall would I turn up at the hairdressers and expect the barber to tell me what haircut I should have. So why would you turn up on your driving lesson and not tell the instructor what you want to cover. The syllabus is out there for everyone to see. Ok I get it your thinking a haircut is personal. My sport is Tennis. Occasionally I take a one two one coaching session. I arrive at the tennis courts and I explain to the coach my strengths and weaknesses and where I would like to improve. Lets assume this is your first driving lesson. ' Hello Mr Driving Instructor, this is my first lesson. I've been watching my parents drive and I really like how safe they are. I model myself on their driving, but my brother is a little too fast for me. I understand most of the controls can I tell you what they are and you correct me? Also. I'd really like to know more about the clutch as I've seen my brother stall the vehicle a few times, perhaps you could demo this for me. Lets suggest I've just started my first coaching session with a local Tennis player. Hello, Mr Tennis Coach. I've played a little and today I'd really like to practice my one handed back hand, like Roger Federer. I'm struggling with my hand positioning and wonder if you could demo how you do this, could I be the tennis coach and feed you some balls and you show me? then later I would like to try. After this I'm happy to work on what you suggest and also and where else I can improve. Maybe we could have a little rally together and you can see me play.

So hopefully you can see how the learner can begin to take control of their learning.

There is no reason why this process cannot continue throughout your learning process. The trouble is students often look towards their driving instructor to control the session. Sadly this often focuses on the negative in driving rather than the positives. Think back to that Tennis lesson. Imagine If I felt my back hand was perfect and the coach said at the start I watched you play and you need to work on that. How deflated would I feel. What happens on the first driving lesson is really up to you. My aim is to generally get the vehicle moving as soon as possible, after all this is most likely what you have come for. We will work on the main controls without over thinking the finer details. My aim is to keep the vehicle safe whilst you move the vehicle. We can add further parts to the drive in later sessions, it does not need to be perfect all the time, but its helpful to know what perfect may look like. I hope this helps and allows you to have the confidence to start taking control of your own lessons.


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