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I've been instructing for over 20 years and I can honestly say I don't think in all that time I have not had a student who does not struggle with roundabouts of some sort. Here is the problem: They come in all shapes and sizes and often the situation is different from one day to the next. In fact you could argue it is never the same, unless there are very few vehicles on the roundabout.

Unlike conventional junctions which are T-Junctions or Crossroads they are static and in most situations you can perform a set task which will deal with these situations. Its this set task that does not completely set you up to manage roundabouts safely as they require a lot more planning and early preparation.

Driver training requires a lot of over lapping of skills. What we call a transfer of skills. A good example of this is where you generally drive on the left, its fairly common for students to want to 'Straight Line' a roundabout. This is a common fault where drivers don't hold their position. Effectively coming from the left to the right and then left again.

Roundabouts require much more forward planning. There are techniques that can help with the right coaching. I would always try to teach someone the way I drive. In some cases though its not possible to achieve this in the short space of time we have with students. Its essential that students understand the Highway Code and what is required in the basics of roundabouts. Often time is spent dealing with signals and positioning that could be understood before the sessions start. Our aim is to make you better drivers not just ok drivers. Being able to control the vehicle in all situations. Roundabouts require the driver to plan ahead early. Keeping the vehicle moving where possible to find gaps which are safe to go. Reading the route sign to determine where you need to position and where the exit is you intend to take. With good control and planning the process can be made easier. The biggest problem students have is they approach too quickly. They don't give themselves time to plan and find the spaces. When looking to take chances to go they tend to sit waiting for the gap where you need to plan the space which are coming. I offer a Masterclass course in dealing with roundabouts. We will explore all the difficulties of these junctions and aim to make you a better driver by the end of the session.


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