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There is a huge demand for driving tests, far greater than the demand for driving lessons at the moment. Driving examiners will be conducting 6 driving tests per day, until the covid restrictions are removed and they move to 7 driving tests per day. There are further steps being made to help with the demand. Theory Test Recovery

The backlog of theory tests is currently 380,000. DVSA has been working with Pearson View before the new service launch in September, and the provision of 10 additional temporary theory test centres will help contribute to an extra 110,000 more tests per month when theory testing restarts. The aim is to clear the backlog by the end of August. There are also a number of later times being offered for students looking to book the theory test.

Driving Test Recovery:

There is currently around a 420,000 backlog on practical tests, with an average of 20 weeks waiting time.

DVSA is working with PHE and HSE to review procedures. 195 test centre waiting rooms were opened before lockdown, there will be an additional 27 when tests resume and another 27 following. There are 49 that may not be possible to use, and 58 sites without waiting rooms. There are 16 across the estate with no toilet facilities. The target is to recover the backlog in 12 months, after the return to 7 tests a day. DVSA stated everything would be done to achieve this and it was important for everyone to feel that it was getting better.

Some details are subject to change. Its important to focus on passing your driving test first time. This will help you achieve your goals and also bring the waiting list down for both driving tests and lessons.


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