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Updated: May 1, 2020

So you have booked your first driving lesson, but what actually happens now?

The answer is probably a lot easier than you think, after all these are your driving lessons and what you want to achieve is ultimately up to you. What I will do is outline what is likely to be covered from the moment your driving instructor pulls up outside your home.

Before you meet your instructor/school would have checked your address and contact information making sure this information is correct. You would have received a confirmation of your lesson in writing and your instructor would have made some checks about your licence, although they may choose to check these when you meet. Meeting & Greeting

You should make sure you have your drivers licence and entitlement to drive (completed online) and bring this to your first lesson along with wearing some comfortable shoes and clothing for the weather conditions. Your instructor will introduce themselves and check your eyesight before commencing the lesson. In most cases your instructor will drive to somewhere you can begin the lesson. This is an area not too busy and suitable for stopping and starting. The drive would not normally take more than 10minutes. On Route

This is a great opportunity for you and your instructor to get to know each other. The discussion varies but for many it's a chance to not only show the client some basics in driving but also discuss the customers goals for the lesson.

In the Driver's Seat Once you arrive at the start location you will swap seats. Make yourself comfortable and just relax, your instructor will need time to explain their processes. What materials they use and how they approach lessons. If you have any questions it would be a good time to prepare them in advance. Target Tuition would have sent you our terms and conditions & code of practice along with our prices so you know in advance the details of our driving school.

Let the Fun Begin

This is the flexible part. As I said earlier 'these are your driving lessons' and within limits you can set your own goals. But, its not a large but you need to start somewhere and this is where the instructor will lead the session so you can take the unknown to the known. Many students at this point will need to cover some basic controls and understanding of how the car works. On the Move

When ready you will start to move the car. The fundamental part of driving is moving and stopping. It makes sense that this is where your lessons begin. Your instructor will assist you through junctions turning left and right and various ways of moving off, front straight lines, to hills and angles. Don't worry thou the pace of the lesson will go at the level you are comfortable with.

Summary Once the lesson is complete your instructor will drive you home. At this time you can arrange your next lesson. Either before the lesson ends a full debrief will be given. Your instructor will look for your input to see how you felt the session went so to outline clear goals for the next lesson. I would normally recommend at least 2 hours training per week.


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